Published: Friday, 24 August 2012 Written by Bernelle Titre

The warm sand caressed my bare feet and fell idly between my toes. The sparkling sapphire water gleamed in the superior glow of the sunlight. Though the cool, calming breeze attempted to soothe my nerves, I remained on edge. My eyes darted about the beach, searching almost frantically for the one whom I was so anxious to meet.  David. My mind flitted through past events and cherished memories, all made special by his constant presence. One memory in particular stood out among the others; the day David moved away.
We were only nine, his parents had died the previous week and he was being sent away to live with his uncle. Even standing on the sidewalk in front of his house waiting for his uncle to arrive, he still smiled. His wavy blond hair, peppered with natural mahogany highlights fluttered carelessly in the flirty summer wind. His electric blue eyes were alight with life and mischief. He stood a full head taller than me, an average slim brunette, with dull, dark green eyes, who could never hope to compete with his unbelievable beauty. He grinned at me exposing a dazzling set of white, even teeth as he begged me not to cry. Soon after we hugged and my tears subsided, his uncle—a muscular, attractive man with jet black hair—arrived and herded David into his flashy, red convertible, taking him away from me, which only set me crying again.  David waved at me from the expensive vehicle, but this time, there was no laughter in his eyes, only sadness and fresh tears, which threatened to spill over, something I knew that David would never allow.
That was nine summers ago, on a day so similar to this one.
“Hi… Ava?” someone said, withdrawing me from my reverie.
Shocking blue eyes met my mine and my heart thundered violently. David! A smile spread rapidly across my face and he grinned back at me. Unconsciously, I extended my hand towards his familiar face, needing proof that this moment was real and not just another fleeting daydream. Abruptly, my hand fell to my side, limp and rejected.  David was somehow shorter than I was! As I assessed his physical characteristics, I noticed that his lean, lightly muscled body sat in a wheelchair. I stood with my mouth agape, simply staring at him, while he sat expectantly and somewhat awkwardly, waiting silently for me to recover.
“Hey. It’s been a long time…” I said, drawing out my statement. Above all, he was still David, with the same gleaming eyes, sun bleached hair and perfect, radiant smile. After so many years, he was still my friend. My David.
I threw myself at him, rattling his wheelchair. I smiled into the comfort of his warm neck and inhaled his unique, musky scent. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me to him. I clung to him, unwilling to ever let him go. Questions needed to be asked and stories were to be exchanged, but those things seemed trivial and were forgotten as we embraced. In that one moment of simple, unadulterated bliss, I knew that David was truly home.

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