Lost Dancer, in memory of Cahdene Edmund

Published: Saturday, 28 July 2012 Written by Joan Wood

You’re my inspiration,

You’re my friend.

Dancing is our conversation

But suddenly it comes to an end.


We were dance partners,

Now no longer together.

With you, I was always in character.

Someone like you, I will never find another.


But now the music has reached an end,

And you’ve lost your way.

My helping hand I will always lend.

I know you can’t stay, but let me know that you’re okay.


How will I dance without you?

You are the rhythm to my beat.

What will I do without you?

Without you, I can’t move my feet.


Oh, please please find your way.

What will happen to our dance with you gone?

I really wish you could stay,

But I can’t change what’s already done.


I suppose this wasn’t meant to be,

You have your destiny.

We’ve had our dance, I have mine

And you have yours, that’s fine.

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