Monsters of this World

Published: Tuesday, 03 July 2012 Written by Gail Parillon

After the ranting had subsided, I threw myself onto my bed. A mass of sheets flew up after my plummet onto the mattress and I lay there, glaring indignantly at the ceiling. Every fibre of my being coursed in anger; certainly retaliating against those who bullied me wasn't the brightest solution. Not only did my parents discourage violence but they had the audacity to blame the altercation on me! My eyes traced the length of the cracks on the cerulean ceiling and I mumbled to myself while gnawing at my inner cheek. With hands tightened into fists, I busied myself with this. Maybe if I was somewhere else, maybe then they would appreciate my existence. Silently, I mulled over this before finding my eyelids grow heavier. Soon, my hands fell limp to my side and I drifted off. Seconds elapsed before I was awaken in a majestic land causing my breath to escape me for a moment.


Similarly, my eyes greedily took in the view of the clear, endless ultramarine skies with a variety of purples, oranges and yellows running through it and vanishing to the horizon. From this picturesque horizon sat a vast expanse of green before me. Coming to a loss of words, I stared in awe for across this landscape there were lovely multi-coloured fauna. Flowers, unless I was mistaken, created a brilliant display from the grass of their multitude of shapes and their tantalizing aroma wafted to my nose. The most striking aspect was the sudden, exuberant array of butterflies bursting forth from being previously concealed. A giggle escaped from me as some of the flowers themselves transformed into these marvellous beings and fluttered off. I gasped as they swirled around me and I reached out my hand, aching to touch one. They instinctively drifted away and up into the endless blue. However, once again my breath escaped me leaving my heart thumping in yearning as I witnessed large, rainbow-coloured birds soar through the skies. I couldn't help but allow a grin to cross my face as their golden beaks turned to and fro as if observing the landscape themselves.


Moreover, I observed their movements as I pondered on their strange flight patterns. They twisted their bodies as if going in a monotonous, circular direction. Knitting my eyebrows together, I stared at their odd coloured feathers of green and darkish blue and some with pink and yellow variations. I remained fixated on their tall, human-like bodies and wondered how clumsy it looked yet how graceful their actions were. In awe, I witnessed one land and it suddenly took the stance of a man. Suddenly, curiosity filled me as the bird creature began to walk across the land and staggered with each step and I somewhat pitied the beast. I realized how tall the creature was when it finally took control of its movements and stood straight. It approached the crystalline waters of a nearby pond. The azure liquid sparkled and, bright eyed, I stared as the bird-person took some in its long-fingered hands. Gasping, I saw its movements stall and its irregularly shaped head snapped towards me with red obscene eyes glaring at me.


Simultaneously, a low clicking sound originated from its throat that escalated into a panicked screeching. Terrified, I fell back onto the grass and instantly it swivelled away and the spot I sat on turned a sickly grey. Instantly, the grey spread throughout the field and the landscape fell apart. Now, everywhere ached of death and anguish. In panic, I wondered what I had done and my eyes locked with that of the bird-man who stared back with a dubious yet accusing expression. My head snapped upwards to the once multi-coloured skies that now were a deathly colour; the landscape was now a macabre mass of pure hate. The fellow birds descended, all taking their places around me. I noticed that out of the landscape, they retained their vibrant colours yet the green and yellows of their feather were mucus that dripped nauseatingly from their bodies. The smell of death filled the air and their crimson, piercing eyes stared upon me. I quivered in fear as they all enclosed on me, their tortured, feather faces revealed that of humans and their claws hands grew closer to me. Without hesitation, they began to tears at my face, drawing blood merciless as I cried in pain. In a desperate attempt, I tried to push them away, throwing direction-less kicks and punches to ward off their attack. Suddenly they all stopped simultaneously, speaking, at first, in a language I could not understand. Lying on the once green lawn, I heaved as my sweat, tears and blood mixed together and I began to pray. Suddenly, they spoke again in unison revealing their jagged teeth beneath, “Are … are we the real monsters?” with that, my eyes grew large as they all launched in for a next attack. My eyes shot open and I heaved heavily with my body perspiring. It was simply all a dream.


Sitting on my bed, I clutched my chest and felt the damp shirt underneath my touch. After my breathing had calmed down, I passed a shaky hand through my hair. Slowly, I got off my bed and stared around my room and sighed in relief. Wasting no time, I bolted towards the kitchen where my parents irately discussed my current transgression. Their eyes flickered towards me as I appeared with their stares piercing into me. Swallowing my pride, I began, “I'm so sorry.”

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