The Dancer- a glimpse

Published: Tuesday, 03 July 2012 Written by Gail Parillon

Spinning on pure weightlessness, reality felt surreal to her as the ballroom became her only sanctuary.


The place she could dwindle hours away without the trails and strains of humanity ever falling on her small, inclined shoulders and petite frame. She always felt at peace when one fine, accommodating gentleman held out his white gloved hand in a swift, solitary gesture engaging she alone.


As she took his hand in a gentle embrace with hers, the world crumbled to her grace.


As she engaged the rich brown marble dance floor, reality bent to her will.


As she glided with perfect accuracy in her steps, everything in that room, the universe and beyond human understanding belonged to her.


Only her and yet she was trapped, snared by the thing she adored the most. Captive to her love of the dance.

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