Stand Up to Bullying

Published: Wednesday, 18 April 2012 Written by Joan Wood

Bullying is a crime,

Bullying is a sin

And although some may not think so,

I assume they’re blind.

Do you know what it feels like?

To be hurt, to be stepped on,

To feel like you’re being pushed around

And no one cares about you.

Well, let me tell you something:

Let this go on no more!

Let it disappear into thin air

Like nothing of the sort happened.

But they won’t stop, will they?

Those bullies will never learn.

Bullying doesn’t make you superior or any better,

But if that’s what they think, then they’re wrong.

So stand up for yourselves!

Students, co-workers, “friends”, no matter who you are,

Don’t let this darkness continue.

Stand up!

You shouldn’t have to take this anymore.

You are human as we all are,

You have feelings too.

Your life is what you make it, and standing is a part of it too.

Rise, all of you!

Don’t be overshadowed or downgraded.

You are not invisible,

So stand, and keep standing.


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