Anti-Bullying Movement

Published: Thursday, 02 February 2012 Written by Jawole Joseph

Bullying is a major problem locally, regionally and internationally. It is an everyday growing issue, and the fourth formers of the Convent High School have made it their responsibility to rise as a movement against bullying. The Anti-bullying movement (ABM) comprises of approximately 62 active fourth formers, headed by their president, Vynliz Daily. The movement was first created by the class 4-D in October, 2011, before opening membership to the other fourth form classes in the same month. The executive members consist of the President, PRO, Treasurer, Secretary, Creative Team, and an assigned representative from each fourth form class. Both the executive and the ordinary members strive to achieve their aim of assisting students who are bullied, stopping the act of bullying, and creating a peaceful and friendly school community.

At the Convent High School, there is a growing number of students who are bullied in various ways. Some are bullied verbally, others physically, and many are cyber-bullied. The members of the Anti-bullying movement try to provide help and counselling to the victims of bullying, and resolve the problem between the bully and the victim. Also, students are taught how to walk away and avoid bullying, and speak up for themselves. The main aim of the movement, which is also the most critical, is to create a friendly and peaceful bond or understanding between the bully and the victim without causing more harm than good. Many students have been bullying others for long periods of time, and therefore, ABM members are being trained to cease the bullying of students in our school.

Furthermore, the simple phrase ‘Stop Bullying’ as depicted on the ABM T-Shirts, shows exactly what the movement is all about. The Anti-Bullying Movement has addressed the problem of bullying at the Convent High School, and is effectively promoting peace among the students. The members are taught how to convince bullies to stop causing others to feeling inferior. Also, the school body is taught that the bystanders of bullying play an important role in the stopping of these harmful and meaningless acts, and that it is the job of each and every one of us to stop bullying.

On the other hand, it is not only the role of the ABM to stop bullying, but to also create a peaceful and friendly school community. The end of bullying begins with hospitable character, and something as simple as a warm smile. Executive members help create this friendly environment by beginning with their own classrooms. The ABM members are taught oral skills, teamwork, and listening skills, and help other classmates improve in these areas and in class spirit. The main aim of this objective is to demonstrate how by working together as a school family, many positive results can be achieved.

The ABM is all about helping those who are bullied, speaking up against bullying, and creating a friendly and peaceful school community in which every student can share. At present, the Anti-Bullying Movement is looking forward to extending the movement to other schools, and to continue to spread the message ‘Divided we fall, United we stand. Bullying stops here!’

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