Poems Be a Light & Seeing Through

Published: Thursday, 02 February 2012 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

Be A Light

Be a light, friend. Be a light, sister.

For all that can be asked

Of a friend or sister in this darkest night

Is that they be a light


Be a light, human. Be a light, person.

For though your light seems weak

And the darkness threatens to swallow

Someone finds it a beacon against the bleak


Be a light, spirit. Be a light, heart.

For it is your duty to achieve

To help others to believe

For somewhere, someone needs you to

Relinquish the doubt and be a light.


Seeing Through

The World knows one person

I know another

Who do you really know?

Me or my mask?

Fact or fiction?

Object or reflection?

Origin or projection?

Human or phantasm?

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