The Light on the Hill

Published: Thursday, 24 November 2011 Written by Jawole Joseph

For many years, people had wondered what was on the lone hill to the East of the town. Some said that it was haunted, others said that there was buried treasure, but no one ever dared to explore for themselves, because the curious people who did go, never returned. When I was smaller, I would look up to the hill and imagine what could possibly be up there. I would sit on my bedroom window sill, and simply gaze at it. But now, at the age of fifteen, I had no more interest in it, being too preoccupied with all the stress of my teenage life.

I threw my schoolbag to the floor, loosened my tie, and opened the laptop on my bed. Before I sat down next to it, I absentmindedly glanced at the hill through the window, when something caught my eye. There, atop the hill, halfway hidden in the dense forest was a light. It glowed mystically, almost changing colours from green to blue then back to white. Mesmerized, I moved to the window, completely forgetting my friends on Facebook. The light seemed to beckon to me, steady and assuring, alluring me to it. Forgetting that I had a door in my room I pushed open the window, grabbed my flashlight on the sill, and stepped out the window, onto the soft grassy lawn below.
I hardly noticed leaving the house and arriving at the foot of the hill. Everything I did was trancelike, and I completely forgot about the world around me. I trekked up the hill, using my flashlight to show me the path, and the weird light to lead me on. The forest was dark and dense, and with the sun gone, it seemed quite scary. Gnarled roots and branches blocked the path, and seemed to reach out to grab me. I hiked further up, until I came to the top of the hill. But suddenly, the light was gone! Where did it go? This seemed to awaken me from my trance. The forest was silent, and I spun a 360 angle to get my bearing… and came face to face with a white sheet! Well, at least it looked like a white sheet, but a closer look proved me wrong. It was a ghostly figure of a beautiful woman. I gasped.
“Eeek!” my mouth let out a surprised scream. The woman had long, flowing white hair, and a long, white dress covering her feet. Her skin was extremely pale. The woman smiled, and then extended her hand towards me.
“You beautiful child, come, join me.” Her voice was like the rustle of dry leaves on concrete. I took a frightened step away from her. Join her? No way! I thought. I didn’t want to die as yet.

The woman tensed, sensing my hesitation. Her face morphed into that of an angry saber-toothed tiger with bloody fangs. I screamed, spun on my heel, and ran away. I ran back downhill, toward the town, using all the speed that I had. Branches scraped my face and tore at my clothes. The trees seemed to be alive, doing their best to block me. I pushed away branches, ignoring the burning scratches on my face, and trying to forget the sight of that horrible ghost, which, by the way, was chasing after me. Nothing stood in its way, and I could hear its angry growling and roaring behind me. I could almost feel its hot breath on the back of my neck. Why was this path so long?! Suddenly, I tripped on a stone, and the flashlight flew out of my hand, hit a rock, and extinguished. I scrambled to my feet, and pushed through the dense woods blindly. The darkness clung to me, and I immediately developed a sense of claustrophobia.

The ghost was right behind me, trying madly to grab at me. I stumbled out of the woods, and into the light of a streetlamp. The light hit the speeding ghost, and as if on fire, it shrieked loudly.

I sat bolt upright, the sound of the piercing shriek still ringing in my ears. I was sitting on my bed, sweating and gasping, clutching my throat. It was all a dream! Thank goodness! My laptop was next to me, and the window was closed. I must have dozed off as soon as I had sat down on the bed. I looked at the hill through the window. It looked as still and dark as ever.

“Just a dream…” I said, getting out of bed to find something to eat in the kitchen. “just a dream.”

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