The Uninvited Guest

Published: Monday, 07 November 2011 Written by Mia George 4D


He heard her call him for maybe the hundredth time, but refused to acknowledge her presence.

“Jesse!” She peered at him, “Are you listening to me?” she stood in front of him so he could notice her.

“Yes Page, I’m listening.” He said gloomily. “Page, can we talk later, I just want to get home to sleep.” He walked past her and turned down his street. “I’ll call you later!” he called.

Page was befuddled. Jesse’s usual gregarious attitude had suddenly changed into a reticent one.

As Jesse retrieved his keys from his pocket, he searched for his father’s car. After a while, he concluded that his father was still at work. Jesse quickly unlocked the door and walked in. The house was quiet, as it usually was when his father was not home yet. Jesse was hungry, but made no attempt to get dinner started.

Instead, he went upstairs and to his bedroom. He opened the door lightly and walked in, locking it behind him. Jesse was having one of those afternoons; the ones where he just wanted to lie in bed and cry. The tears were coming as the pain receded. It was a year since his father was a widower and he: motherless. A year since his mother’s life was taken by a drunk-driving criminal. Jesse was both aggravated and saddened by her death.

His train of thought was cut off by a knock on the door and his father, looking enigmatic, walked in.

“Jesse, could you please come downstairs for a minute?” his tone of voice sent a wave of trepidation through Jesse.

“Sure dad.” He replied.

At the foot of the stair case, Jesse took a deep breath, but the nervousness lingered. Approaching the sitting room he immediately thought the he was dreaming.

“Dad!” he glanced from the individual standing there to his father, “How could you let him into our house?”

Jesse began backing away toward the staircase, when he heard the man speak. At the sound of his voice, Jesse tried to suppress all his emotions, but knowing what this man did to him was too much to set aside. This man had killed his mother, this was the truth of the matter and that is how it would always be.

“Jesse Parks,” he paused, “I’m only here today to plead with you to forgive me for what happened that day your mother died.” He looked to Jesse for a response but he was quiet. “I was much surprised that your father,” he gestured towards Jesse’s father, “welcomed me into...” he was cut off and Jesse spoke up with annoyance in his voice.

“You will never be welcomed in my house! You murdered my mother and I hope you take full responsibility for it.” He took a step forward. “You,” he gestured towards the man, “made my life miserable ever since she died.” Jesse’s tears were pouring now.

He collapsed in a chair, peering at the floor and repeated, “You will never be welcomed in my house. You are uninvited and should see yourself out. I have no reason to forgive you, so leave!” Jesse got up, opened the front door and stormed up to his room. He shut the door, collapsed on his bed and began to sob.

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