Published: Monday, 07 November 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts
It’s hard to appreciate joy
If you’ve never felt sadness
It’s hard to appreciate summer
If winter’s a strange phenomena
It’s hard to appreciate freedom
If you’ve never lived in a cage
Colors will never be bright enough
Until you’re temporarily blind
Music will never be mellifluous enough
Until you’ve shuddered in silence
It’s impossible to appreciate patience
If you’ve always been waited upon
Wealth shall know no meaning
Until you trudge along with the poor
It’s hard to appreciate love
If you’ve never borne pain
You can’t truly enjoy food
Unless you’ve been properly hungry
You can’t appreciate mandatory respect
Unless you’ve been on the lower rung
Sweet will never taste as sweet
Without bitter and sour to compare it too
There’s very little that can be appreciated
If the lack thereof is not endured
And possibly the worst case of this:
Love will never have true meaning
Until the sting of hate and indifference have taken their toll
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