The Things we Learn

Published: Monday, 07 November 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts
It is amazing the things we learn
The things we are taught to believe
There is very little the world doesn’t tell us
There is less that it doesn’t show
From life, we gain experience
Though sometimes the gain is not true
Rather we receive and are burdened with
The knowledge of what we’ve been through
Laughing and crying are natural
And nature is frowned upon
Stiffness and coldness are machine-like
And we all must live as machines
Children live in blissful innocence
But nothing is sacred in this world full of painful awareness
Love, true love, true concern bring happiness
As do honesty, charity and generosity
But yet, from young, we know that life is neither fair, nor a happy occasion
They used to tell us to see the best
They used to teach of peace
But now… all’s fair in love and war
When nothing is sacred
We procrastinate nothing but happiness
And ignore nothing but relaxation
As we drop like flies, we retain the glassed over hiding look
In our eyes
And then, we are forced to question the things we learn
But really, we go on, just the same
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