The Return- Chapter 1

Published: Monday, 24 October 2011 Written by Siobhan Pascal


Saada trudged through the threshold, she sighed depressingly as she looked out the window. It was a bright and sunny day but it did nothing for her mood. Saada brushed back her short brown hair and stared into the mirror. Slowly she traced the dark circles under her eyes and the bruises on her copper skin. It had been a long and brutal two months since her boyfriend Denzel had disappeared. It had also been two months since her hazel brown eyes had shown any signs on life or happiness.

With another anguished sigh she turned and continued trudging towards her room.

"Saads!" a deep and familiar voice called from the top of the staircase

In shock her head snapped up and all traces of grief disappeared. With amazing fluidity a slender body bounded down the steps; for the shortest second the 6'1 boy loomed over her, and his nutmeg eyes bore into hers.

"Denzel." she murmured as he pressed his lips into hers. Instantaneously  she was overwhelmed with the sweet scent of his cologne. They stood there in silent embrace, her hands rapped around his V-shaped torso as his hands held her oval face.

Finally breaking apart he reached for her hand and brought it up to his face.

"I've missed you." he sighed. Where his breath touched left goosebumps on her skin.

"I'm glad to see you, alive and safe."

Suddenly he looked uncomfortable, suspiciously Saada watched as he squirmed out of her grasp and crossed the room in four quick steps.

"Is something wrong?" It hadn't  occurred to her that he might have come to her first or he might be sick or in trouble. After all what would 16 year old be doing for two months on his own?

Denzel turned to the window and stared at a black cloud in the distance. When he turned back his eyebrows were set at a tense angle and his lower lip jutted out in frustration.

"We need to talk." his voice was coloured with worry. Before he could continue the sound of the door unlocking reached them.

"Saada? Saada are you home?" Soon a short middle-aged woman appeared in the hallway.

"Yes mom I'm here an do so is Denzel! He's back! Come quickly!" She answered happily

Surprise was the main feature on the older woman's russet face, then it was followed by confusion, and concern. No matter how hard Saada searched she could not find happiness on her face.

"Saada," she said gently "there's no one here just you and me."


"What are you talking about? He's right here." She spun around but he was gone. "No, no no! He was here a minute ago I know it."

"Honey he's gone he's still missing, maybe even d-"

"Don't say that!" she screamed "He's not dead he fine! He's alive! He was here!"

Suddenly terrified she ran upstairs and flung herself on her bed. She was not going crazy he had been there. Throwing herself on the floor she put her head between her knees and fought back the thoughts that kept emerging. This was just like at the camp site, Denzel was here one minute gone the next. Why did he keep going? She could not do this again; why did he keep leaving?

"I'm sorry." Denzel's deep and gentle voice filtered through her hysteria. Slowly she gazed up at his mortified face.

"Where did you go!" she exclaimed as she rushed towards him.

"I can't be in a room with more than one person. It hurts my head."

"What are you talking about?"

"Saada, your mom was right I died two months ago."

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