Don't Let Them Fool You

Published: Tuesday, 18 October 2011 Written by Jamila Pascal

What does all this have to do with the price of rice?!

In a world where money is debt and debt is money

What can I do but scream?

Have I been silent too long, selfish maybe?

Allowing this pain to fester within me

Why, in your right mind, would you hurt the innocent?

Why would you lead them astray?

My God...


I've been silent for way too long

Isn't it time for the ignorance to stop?

Well, ignorance is bliss and bliss means happy, right?

But what happiness is there in a world where an 8 year old can be stolen before your very eyes?

I can't take it anymore!


Where is the education going?

We're spiraling downwards

Building our lives on love and money

Because that's really what the songs are based on these days, right?

Love and money?


All the color is washing out from our faces,

As we sit, mindless, before our screens

Because isn't that what they want from us?

Mindless behavior, robots, marching one by one by one...

Until we cannot identify our faces anymore


"I mean, is this me? Wow. When did I get so perfect?"


Over and over and over again,

Drilling us, shaping us, controlling us

So we can whip our hair to their puppet strings

And my God...


"So think about it, which one is better? Love or money? I mean, do you really have a choice to not decide? You're weird, you're strange, you're totally uncool-"

Now that you mention it, it is pretty hot in here


Well, the heat of the world is cooking us

And I'm tired of being its meal

I can't sit in this pool of ignorance anymore

I'm heading home before it's too late

And what can I do but turn to the heavens?


No, I don't want to drink to that

I don't want to wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy

I don't want the pink wigs and the paparazzi

I don't want the fame!


I just want the common sense back


But, what can I do, right?

I can rant

But this ignorance will still be here,

Drowning my voice once again


Don't let them fool you

Don't let them fool you

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