A Sketch

Published: Sunday, 16 October 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

The sky was red, like it was on fire, embers, flickering dimly. It appeared as if blood had spilled across the horizon. Sadly, only a strip of this passionate color showed, for a blanket of dark purple clouds hung like a shroud. Where the clouds were thinner, there were lighter areas, where the sky appeared almost pink. Light rain fell like silvery slivers, landing with light taps on the leaves of the trees that obscured the line of the sea. Lightning flashed often, but through the clouds, it was like a flicker of recognition. It told of power and vibrancy. Then it came stronger, and brighter, illuminating the entire sky. Thunder was unheard, possibly muffled or maybe it just was just heard as a rumbly whisper. The sky was growing darker more quickly, a chilly breeze blowing gently, caressing the leaves. The blackness was interrupted by reflections of light on the glossy, green leaves. Just barely, the outline of blades of grass far below could be seen. The stillness was peaceful rather than eerie, until it was broken, by a sharp intake of breath. The view was indeed breathtaking, but that was not the most striking part of the moment…

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