Published: Sunday, 02 October 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

I know why you’re my friends
You bring a true smile to my face
You make me laugh
You save me when the tears threaten to overwhelm
You help me with my homework
I always know I’m not alone
And so it stands to reason, that I should hope to keep you close
Yet sometimes, I’m forced to wonder
I value you for reasons; many reasons, reasonable reasons
Reasons too numerous to remember all at once
But really, what do you see in me?
Why frequent me… spend time comforting me?
Why make me laugh, and smile, and sleep at ease?
What could you possibly gain from my company?
Yet all these questions are answered
In that moment when we smile together
And I know, like when I look in a mirror
What you do for me, I do for you too

-Inspired by my awesome friends-

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