A Contemplation Upon Flowers a la CHS

Published: Monday, 19 September 2011 Written by Daria Mitchell Sorhaindo

TIGER LILY by Bernelle Titre

Strong and vivid are your colours,
So bold, vibrant and bright,
Scorching and shining, 
even through the coolness and dark of the night.

Oh sweet tiger, you are fierce

It is so true!
But the part of you which is lily,
takes the menace out of you
You’re a fatal attraction, 
but one which yields much satisfaction.

Tiger lily,

I adore your remarkable spots 
and one day hope to connect those dots
In my mind you're a permanent tattoo,
so I continue to content myself with constant thoughts of you!

My Beautiful Sunflower by Mia Colleen George 4-D

Gleaming in the meadow,

Through my glass window,

Stands tall and firm,

Little Miss Sunflower.

She is yellow of course,

With a furry white center.

Her deep green leaves,

Cling unto her erect stem.

Soaking in the rays of the radiant sun,

Her subtle petals dance in the light breeze.

Unseen roots drink in the nutrient filled water,

To keep her strong indeed.

From years of experience,

She battles through winter and tempestuous storms.

Dear old Sunflower,

You will be my best friend forever.

The Flower in my Garden by Emmana Jeffers

There is a flower in my garden

It sits quietly under a big rock

like a chick under It's mother breast

So small, so fragile.

It's petals, small, yet so bold with colour

Blue, not as deep as the sea

not as light as the sky ,

but something in between

It struggles to grow

The heavy rain falls constantly,

but it won't give up , not just yet .

Finally, a day with sunlight and cool winds

It grows sprouting more and more flowers

Boasting with its colour.

Days pass, the flower now takes up half of the yard,

spreading like a hedge, uphill to downhill.

Vibrant with blue bunches of petals.

The leaves are now turning yellow.

Not long after the flowers are all gone.

Nothing left but dry curling branches.

DEAD ROSE by Chrisia Webb

Who dared to name you?

you are no longer rosy now, not soft, neither sweet

you are pale and hard and as dry as wheat

you were kept seven years in a drawer-----those titles shame you.

The sun that used to burn you

and mix its glory in your urn

till the light appeared to get stronger, and the flower burnt--

If it was shining now----not a colour would show on you.

The dew that used to wet you,

which was first white, grew stained with red

because it lay upon your rosy bed.

If dropping now, it would darken where it met you.

The heart does recognise you,

alone alone! the heart does smell you sweet.

Those who view your fair, do judge you most complete,

now seeing those changes that disguised you.

And the heart does owe you more love than to bigger roses.

the way someone wears it and dances smiling coldly rests still upon this heart

which falls before you doing its part.

The Deceiving Beauty

by Vynliz Dailey

Panic stuck, I dropped the demon - flower to the ground

And stared at scarlet lines forming on my palm

Cringing with the sudden rawness of pain

Near my feet, lay the most marvelous flower

One with enticing beauty and a wonderful fragrance

One I wanted to get a closer look at, and tried to pick

Now staring away from the bright petals that had hypnotized me so

I notice projections on the stem like that of an alligators tooth - thorns!

I take two backward steps as though intoxicated with some abused substance

My glare breaks  from the gorgeous demon lying peacefully on the earth

And wonder- what more creatures roam the earth as deceiving beauties?


The White Lily by Jillienne Sylvester

What a wonderful sight to see,
The beauty of a white lily,
In my window standing there;
A field of lilies I spotted near;
Summer set lip to earth's bosom there,
And left the print of a lily there,
Such an amazing view for all,
In a flower that is so small,
The way it looks, the way it stands,
The best thing ever seen on land,
That is why we all can tell,
The flower that I love to see,
Is of course the white lily!

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