Too Daring

Published: Tuesday, 19 July 2011 Written by Bernelle Titre

The water was a bed of glistening sapphires. Jenna spread the towels for us then lathered her slightly tanned skin with lotion, her blond hair shining in the early afternoon sun. I watched, feeling a sharp pang of jealousy and turned my head away, resisting the urge to snarl, colour flooding my cheeks. I could never compare, with my freckles and thick, messy mahogany curls. I walked over to sit on my towel and reached into the cooler for a beer, while she did the same, finishing it quickly; our first of several.
We lay basking in the sun's rays and suddenly Jenna rose, energetically brushing sand from her skimpy bikini. "Get up," she ordered, grabbing my hand and tugging me after her.
I followed her to a dark cavern, away from the beach, only dimly lit by a few rays of light, coming in through the mossy, stone walls, surrounding a deep pool of murky water.
She felt her way along the stony ledge, urging me to join her on her precarious perch. 
I stood still on the sand at the entrance of the cave, rooted to the spot. "We shouldn't be here," I said nervously, looking around for signs of life. We had wandered from the beach and it was evident that people did not come here.
"I'm so scared," she teased in a husky voice, trying to dip her foot in the water, wobbling dangerously.
"Don't!" I shrieked.
"Don't what? What is your problem?" she yelled at me, a look of annoyance on her face. Suddenly the ledge beneath her broke and she plummeted into the depths of the dark water, her shrieks of panic piercing the air. She clawed desperately at the surface, before being completely submerged.
I stumbled backward, stunned, tears were blurring my vision. I sat cradling my knees, releasing a shaky breath and let the tears fall. I rocked unsteadily, gasping, half expecting her to resurface, completely unharmed; she didn't. 
She was gone! The extraordinarily pretty, daring and intimidating Jenna was gone. My thoughts turned sinister, a raw envy finally unleashed. I savagely knuckled away my tears and trudged back to the beach, ill at ease.

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