Freedom Land in My Dreams

Published: Tuesday, 28 June 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

In my dream, I was free

And all around me was free

And everything forevermore was free!

The air was free, and the trees were freer

And a free breeze moved the grass freely

There were free hills and free valleys too

Free rivers and free streams

Free birds and some free fishes

And all these freedom things.

In the sky the clouds were free

And they looked happy to see me


As the free dusk turned to free night

Then there were free stars all the while

Prompting me to freely smile

Because I knew that I was free

And happy to be

Free from all that burdened me

Free from work and free from play

Free to just enjoy freedom every single day

Then the free moon disappeared and I saw a free dawn

Me in my free, sweet freedom and elated to be.

Unfree me not, lest I wither captiveā€¦

In my dream, I was free.

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