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Published: Friday, 10 June 2011 Written by Siobhan M. Pascal

From the newspaper The Convent Chronicle Vol 1, issue 1 done by the journalists at Career Day 2011.

A few 3rd Formers were asked to give advice to the upcoming 3rd Formers that they wished they had been told. However, there was just too many to put in the newspaper. So we have chosen to put some of them here:

  1. I'd teach them 'bout love
  2. Never give up. The work will always be challenging and you may HATE the teachers but as long as  you persevere you will make it. Don't give up your social life completely but don't get consumed in it either. Your work is more will have to stay home sometimes or go to places you don't want to go. It will pay off in the long run; I promise. Be balanced and be focused...even though it means burning the midnight oil, DO IT. One more thing, if you are fortunate enough to have Miss Nation as your class teacher, cherish her. She will push and tug you in the right her own way." B. Titre
  3. I would warn them of the amount of work and level of difficulty. They may think that they are doing hard work now but wait till they reach third form. They should not under-estimate the work done in third form. They should be extra focussed and have a lot of patience. It is not all what it seems. Many can be fooled by it and let their guard down. They should never stop struggling and trying. Hard Work Conquers all. And with hard work they shall be prepared for this milestone in this time of their lives.
  4. The seven B's: B-ooks,B-efore,B-oys,, B-ecause, B-oys, B-ring, B-abys. GO to school and learn well forget about having boyfriends, you have enough time for that. Enjoy your school days. school days are the happiest.
  5. Do not Procrastinate
  6. Sometimes in 2nd form we develop a "its good enough to pass" attitude... however this attitude will get you nowhere in future forms. I think that the best advice that I can give to the upcoming third formers is this: Work hard, Study harder and never give up....oh and learn how to take notes well.
  7. Its not as hard as you think.......but do your assignments as you get attention during class, time is limited and the work is a lot.
  8. I would warn them that third form is not all its cut out to be. Its not that great big fun year where dreams come true, its hard work and it requires concentration and determination. However, don't be daunted and put books first but remember that fun should always be second... or third if you're really active in other stuff. And boys aren't always bad but you probably knew that already, if you have friends in high places like in fourth or fifth form, they can help you. Either way, once you try your best and don't let yourself get lost in the workload, and trust yourself and your abilities as well as your family and helpful teachers (because all aren't helpful and might like to cause trouble for you because of jealousy) and your friends, male and female...
    That's about it
  9. Keep a continuous and growing relationship with God. You will grow over this year, in ways you never thought possible. I would advise them to do assignments as soon as they are given. I would advise them to revise what they do in one subject, to be prepared for pop quizzes, especially in the case of Religion, and the sciences. I would tell them to ensure they are emotionally prepared.Try to be as tolerable, kind and patient as you can and don't expect teachers to tell you to do everything. You got to do some stuff on your own. Overall, expect the unexpected and if you want to pass a class, you have to push. It is not as hard as it looks. It only gets difficult at the end of 3rd Term. Otherwise, 3rd Form is a great experience. It requires dedication, time and sacrifice. God Bless.
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