Blood Lust II -The Debt

Published: Thursday, 26 May 2011 Written by Bernelle Titre

"Angelus..." a gasp escaped me as I looked up into glistening eyes as grey as the moon which shone above. I released my grip on him and threw my hands around his neck. I buried my face in his neck, inhaling his familiar scent, while memories and questions raced through my mind. For the first time in centuries, I cried, blood spilling from my eyes, staining my face and his white shirt.

"I missed you," I mumbled, waiting for his reaction, as he moved rapidly about the deluxe hotel room. He grunted in response, the only answer I would get, I knew...I knew Angelus. I sighed and got up to pour myself a shot of brandy. He stopped abruptly, a mere inch away from my face.

"What's bothering you chère?" He inquired, tilting my chin with his finger, forcing me to look into his mesmerizing eyes. His eyes glowed in the dim light of the room, his angular face softened, and for a moment he seemed genuinely concerned.

"Why are you here?" I asked, forbidding myself from being fooled by him again. This question had been gnawing at me since I discovered him. Angelus never found me unless he planned to use me for his own gain, I had learned that decades ago and I would not make the same mistake a second time. Promising to steel myself from him, I placed a hand on my hip and stared him down.
He let his hand drop and his features tensed, making him appear cold and merciless, as he often was. He held his breath as he spoke, "I have come for you to repay your debt to me, Fiona."
I turned away from him and took a sip of brandy, tasting nothing.

"Shooting me in the woods was quite a way to grab my attention," I pointed out dryly, swallowing the anger that was bubbling in my throat. It was always unwise to argue with him.

"Well I always did make an entrance," he gloated, a faint smile on his lips.

I nodded, stepped away from him and walked out onto the balcony, the hurt too much to bear. I leaned on the banister. Repay your debt to me; his words thudded in my head, giving me a headache and forcing me to remember the night he had saved my life.

I ran faster, pulling my dress up as I did so. I could hear twigs crunching beneath my feet, my laboured breathing and nothing else. The silence made me nervous. My breath came out in short, white puffs. I knew I could not outrun them. Vampires. I cried out in anguish as my hair caught in a tree branch and struggled frantically to free myself. A man with raven black hair appeared before me. I knew he was a vampire before he exposed his long, narrow fangs and grabbed me by the neck. I could tell that they were sharp before I felt them pierce my flesh. I let out a startled gasp as blood trickled down my neck. My eyelids were suddenly heavy but I could sense that there were others. I heard their snarls as they surrounded me. There was a crackling sound followed by a cries of pain, shattering the silence of the night. The agony of the vampires contaminated the air; the scent of death filled my nostrils, burnt my throat. His grip on my neck loosened and he fell lifelessly to the ground. A tall figure appeared before me, my vision too blurry to discern his features. He lifted me into his arms and studied my neck. Too weak to resist, I let myself go limp in his strong arms and allowed my eyes finally to close.

I woke up in a cottage, by the sea. I left the bed to look for my rescuer. I found him in a small kitchen, sunlight sending golden streaks through his honey-coloured hair. I could tell that he knew  I was watching, as he slowed his rapid movement. "Thank you," I said, eying him curiously, yet amazed. He did not acknowledge my gratitude. "I am sincerely grateful and eternally indebted to you." Again, he did not respond. I was becoming annoyed at his lack of  manners.

"Do you know what you are? What you can do now?" He turned sharply, crossing the room in one careless blur.

I thought about this  for a moment, surely I was a vampire now. I wasn't too thrilled about the transformation but I was curious as to what I could do. "No," I replied. "Show me."

And he did. He spent the few months teaching me how to control my speed, strength and other abilities. He also showed me how to satisfy my thirst, the most interesting lesson of all. His name was Angelus. Angelus. I thought of him as a dark angel. It took only those months together for me to fall in love with him; the tall, lean and handsome stranger with the rare crooked smile and the expressive grey eyes that could be mellow as the moon or as violent as a raging storm. One morning, I woke up, hoping to find him to accompany me on a hunting trip, but he was nowhere to be found. Only if he didn't want to be. I found him years later...

I gulped the brandy greedily and returned inside. It was time to destroy these memories. I needed to hunt.

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