Inspired by Fireflies by Owl City

Published: Thursday, 26 May 2011 Written by Bernelle Titre
Raine wiped her tears bitterly and rose from her large bed, tiptoeing to the door. In the kitchen, she opened the backdoor and stepped out onto the grass of the backyard, away from her parents'  loud bickering. She stumbled upon a group of fireflies, sparkling like tiny lanterns in the dark. She reached out into the swarm, a few resting on her pale arm. Suddenly inspired, she wiggled the fingers of her free hand, silently shutting the door. She walked over to the window of the neighbouring house, a route that had become habit over the most part of the past sixteen years. Raine tapped on the window and waited for Toby to appear. Toby was her best friend, who had always been there for her through all the good and bad times. Toby was her light in the dark, like the fireflies that illuminated the night. After a few seconds, he appeared at the glass, his chestnut hair rumpled and his gray vest exposing his bulging muscles, despite his tall, lean figure. He smiled knowingly, a lopsided, sleepy smile and all was well again in her world. Opening his window, and gently helping her climb into his room, where she would spend the night, she felt safe and peaceful, free like the fireflies.
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