Open Eyes

Published: Sunday, 22 May 2011 Written by Wynante R. Charles

My eyes are open, like a hawk
Waiting to see, who dare talk.
My head turns everywhere,
as I seek to escape from here.

The world I know seems to have a fit,
what`s wrong with it.
It collapses,
then re-builds itself
I feel like I`m living
in a kaleidoscope.
I`m tearing apart,
from my whole.

The one person,
who might be able to fix this,
Has his own task to accomplish.
Can I wait that long for help?
Can I stay hidden within a shell?

My eyes are open,
but they seem closed.
Half of the time, they see the worse
So many secrets, hidden deep within.
So many images, paper thin.

My ear flinches, at the slightest sound,
not knowing who stalks around.
I turn around to face the mirror,
I feel safer,I stare into her.

I can see who`s at my back,
I can see a frontal attack.
Yet it still seems,
like there`re holes in it,
still some things left missing.

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