Stupid....So, So Stupid

Published: Saturday, 14 May 2011 Written by Brianna Benjamin
In a regular school
Was an irregular guy
Unfortunately named Stuelin Piddleman
He was a laughingstock
Not because of his name,
I mean
Not ONLY because of his name
but because:
He was weird
He had a beard
He wore bows....
In his hair.
His best friend was Lucy
A beautiful female.......
He preferred lip gloss
To cologne
And he always, ALWAYS
wore high heels.
Even though no one would dare
Profess to be his friend
Or even sit at the same table with him
In class
He was generally known among his school mates
And school bullies
And school deputies
As StuPid
It was alot easier on the tongue
Than his full name.
Even teachers
When taking attendance
Would just say
"Is Stupid present?"
Initiating a burst of boisterous laughter
From the class.
And a small chuckle from the teacher.
So, it was no wonder
That Stuelin couldn't get
A date
For the prom
No one
I mean NO ONE
would go with him
So,  do you know what he did?
I think you do.
But maybe I'm wrong.
Let's see if your guess is correct.
He went out, to the mall
And bought a tuxedo
And a Lovely,
Absolutely breathtaking dress.
And on Prom Night
Stepped out of his rented limousine
with his date on his arm
In her beautiful dress
Mewing softly
"Smile for the camera, Lucy," Stu said
And then everyone laughed, and said
"That's StuPid,"
"So,so Stupid."
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