The White Rose

Published: Saturday, 14 May 2011 Written by Zoie Timothy

Rose turned to put down her eighth bottle of Kubuli beer. J'ouvert morning was almost over and as the 'sensays' danced, Rose's world began to spin. She swayed like a palm tree in a hurricane and hit the ground.

When Rose awoke, she felt incredibly agile. “No hangover? Weird…” she mumbled while gazing about her surroundings. She almost yelped out loud when she saw a decaying body lying a few feet away from her. The pale skin of the body was black and blue, the light brown hair with tints of red was messy and pieces were missing. Suddenly a twig snapped in the distance, Rose jerked and glanced around nervously. Another twig snapped, this time just behind of her. Rose’s eyes widened when she saw Malcolm, a notorious local gangster and drug lord tower over her with a shovel and his crew.

She sat still not sure how to react, but Malcolm just began to dig as if she did not exist. Rose urged her legs to move, but she was paralyzed Why are Malcolm and his crew here anyway? She thought realizing she was in the mini-valley near the entrance of Jack’s Walk. As if in response to her question, Malcolm’s hand fazed through her as he grabbed the body she’d been examining earlier. Vibrations coursed through her and the memories of carnival played out before her eyes. She watched in horror as Malcolm and his crew raped her and then beat her to death.

The devil appeared next to her and smiled. “You want revenge don’t you?” he whispered in a cunning voice.

Rose hesitated, but when Malcolm spat on her makeshift grave she blazed with rage. “What’s your price?”

“Souls! Your soul, their souls!”

Rose stared down at the ground, but she was determined to exact her revenge. “Agreed.” She nodded.

“Imagine it and it will occur.” She smiled at the devil and turned into a black cat with bright pink eyes. She brutally murdered each gang member and castrated them before she left a white rose next to their bodies. Rose laughed with the devil when people screamed at the sight of the bodies.

When they were done, the devil grabbed her and yanked her into the fires of Hell. Regrets flooded her the moment she entered Hell. “Vengeance is a cruel thing! It triples the amount of lost souls I harvest!” Rose screamed and wailed but it was too late.

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