The Moon

Published: Thursday, 05 May 2011 Written by Shekina Moise

The moon sits in the sky at night
And gives off such a radiant light
A light some argue not her own
Yet if she dimmed how they would moan.

Little girls would sit at windows
And sing in sweet voices, low
To the moon bright in the sky 
And wish how to her they could fly.

Beautiful, round, illuminate coin
And soon twinkling stars would join
To light up the sky and then to show 
To those who maybe didn't know.

But Oh! the moon in wonder fair
Who sits and shines without a care
Whom to the little girls, girls who sing 
Can fulfill their every dream they bring.

So they worship and love the moon
And hope that they could touch it soon 
The little girls how they would sing
And hope that the moon would bring.

Then finally when they grow weary 
And maybe just a tad bit teary
Then they go on off to sleep 
Still wishing the moon their's to keep.

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