Ode to God

Published: Saturday, 16 April 2011 Written by Tia Watty 2-3

Our Passiontide and Easter Meditation:

Take some time this week to Stop, Pray and Listen.

Let us reflect on Christ's Passion, His Death and Resurrection. What do they mean to us ??


Almighty Creator of all living things,
Plants, animals and human beings.
Abba, Father of Earth and above,
You shower us with your endless love.
Spiritual protector of us all,
One day we shall meet in your golden hall.
You shelter us all, the birds and the bees,
Make evil do-ers beg at their knees.
You are the Redeemer, King Divine,
Priest and Lamb, our lives are thine.
Lord, you listen and answer my call,
Lord, with you we'll never fall.
God of wonders beyond the galaxy,
The universe declares your utmost majesty.
With you there is only happiness,
With your mighty, healing hands you bless.
You are the light, the warming grace,
Grant that we may see your holy face.
You sacrificed your only son,
And through Him we have become.
Your humble flock, we are here,
Begging for your merciful love and care.
From evil's sinful hands we flee,
You are awesome! Don't they see?
For You wisdom and grace lasts eternally.

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