Women in Society

Published: Saturday, 16 April 2011 Written by Tia Watty 2-3

A woman is beautiful, caring and strong,
A woman is needed, in this world she belongs.
Without women there would be no children,
Without children, no new life,
Without women there would be no mothers,
Without women there would be no wives.
Women should be honoured as part of society,
For they of course, are a part of humanity.
Women should be praised and that is veracity,
But alas, they represent nothing in places of poverty.
There, they are disrespected, beaten and abused,
Insulted, discriminated, not to mention misused.
Their right to vote is taken away,
Sometimes along with their freedom,
Their defiance results in punishment,
By people lacking much wisdom.
Women should be seen and not heard,
This is society's command,
However, these misses should be highly respected,
For man's cruelty they withstand.
But no! We should make a change,
Let women be!
Release them from selfish bondage,
Set the women free!
To make a contribution to society,
As judges, presidents and doctors,
So fight today for equality.

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