Twisted Tales: Sleeping Beauty

Published: Friday, 01 April 2011 Written by Danila Paul

Once upon a time, in the far away kingdom of Dimenshia, there lived a beautiful queen and a handsome king; they both ruled justly over the kingdom. The king and queen longed for an heir and everyday for twenty years they tried everything to conceive but failed. The queen soon fell into despair, feeling that she had failed her husband, and became more and more distant as the days went by.

One day while walking through the colorful palace garden, the queen came across a stranger, wearing a deep blue, hooded cloak. The queen knew she should have been scared and should have called the guards but her spirit no longer wished to live and she hoped the stranger would grant her wish to depart from the world.

“Your majesty,” ,the voice was female ,“I have brought a gift, to ease your troubles.” The woman held out a crystal vial filled with a black and purple mist. The queen looked at the vial in confusion. “Take it. Drink it and give to your husband.” The woman noticed the queen was hesitant. “It will help you bear a child.”

The queen immediately grabbed the crystal and stared down at it; her eyes were wide and filled with mixed emotions. She looked up to thank the mysterious woman, only to find she had disappeared. The queen felt she should keep the events of the day to herself. She offered to make the evening tea; although everyone thought it was strange of the queen to offer to do so, they allowed her to. When she had been left alone the queen carefully poured some of the liquid mist into both her’s and her husband’s cup of tea. She waited to see if her husband would drink before she took a sip of her own tea.


Several months later the kingdom was alive with celebration; the news of the queen’s pregnancy had quickly spread. For nine agonizing months, everyone waited anxiously for the birth of the baby.

Nine months later, the screams of the queen – as she gave birth –could be heard throughout the castle; many thought it was strange that it was so painful after all the medication the queen had been given but no one questioned it further.

Soon a baby girl was brought forth, silently into the world. The midwife looked at baby worriedly. The infant was as pale as the dead and had blonde hair with dirty brown tips. Her eyes were closed and she remained silent even after being slapped on the bum repeatedly.

“Is everything alright?” the king asked worriedly as he looked from his exhausted wife, who was breathing heavily, to his pale, silent baby girl.

“I…think so.” The midwife replied, unsure of herself. She had checked the baby’s pulse and there was one, so the baby was alive. “She is the first babe I’ve known to not cry…but I wonder why she hasn’t opened her eyes.” The midwife saw the king’s worried expression. “I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

Several days passed and Aurora – as the baby was named – never opened her eyes and never cried. The king, and the rest of the palace residents, was worried but the queen was overjoyed to have a baby at last. The queen went ahead with the baby’s christening and invited everyone; except the strange woman who had given her the potion.

On the eve of the christening, the three wizards of the kingdom had brought their helper fairies to grant the baby a wish each. The queen wished her baby girl would grow up to be strong, cunning and unstoppable; wishes she later regretted. When the party was almost over, the ball room doors swung open roughly and in stepped a figure cloaked in black. Everyone stared at the stranger, unsure of how to react. The sound of her heels clicking on the tiled floor seemed to make the eerie feel of the stranger’s presence increase more, as she slowly walked to the throne. She stopped at the baby’s crib and bowed.

“Congratulations, your majesty,” a familiar female voice said, as the person curtseyed. “I am a bit disappointed that you didn’t invite me. After all, it is only because of me that you conceived..”

The woman removed her hood, revealing a mane of red curls that framed her pale complexioned face. Everyone gasped in shock.

“Lydia?” The queen was horrified; having realized that the most deadly witch in all of Dimenshia had helped her to conceive. “No…”

Lydia reached into the crib and picked up the still baby girl.

“Hello, my sweet,” she smiled at the silent baby. “Open your eyes.” Immediately the girl’s eyes snapped open, revealing a pair of dark orbs, mixed with purple and black. Lydia whispered something to the baby girl, kissed her forehead and then gently put her back in her crib.

In a matter of seconds Lydia was gone. A loud sigh of relief could be heard as the people began to whisper to themselves. The baby began to cry for the first time since her birth and the queen immediately rushed to her crib.


The king had gathered all the members of the Royal Council to discuss the events of the previous night. The king was seated at the head of the table and the queen was standing off to the side holding a sleeping baby Aurora.

“What shall we do with the child?” The king asked, desperately hoping someone would give him some good advice.

“Child? That thing is no child…she is the devil’s spawn!” The king’s brother said.

“Kill the child!” the Duchess of Conte shouted. Shouts of agreement soon followed.

“No!” Everyone turned in surprise to the queen. “None of you will touch my daughter. She is just a baby.” She held the baby a little closer and left the room in silence.

The king decided to listen to his wife; after all Aurora was his only daughter.


Years passed and Aurora grew up and soon everyone had forgotten about her christening party. It seemed that the princess had grown up as any normal child; that changed, however, one fateful day.

Aurora was now eight years old, and so was required to do her schooling daily. She was growing tired of her boring old teacher and had decided she did not want to learn anything and refused to budge.

“Aurora, you must go to school…it’s important for you, as the princess, to do so.” Lady Edwin said, trying to convince Aurora. “I’ll give you a special treat if you come with me to the library.”

“I don’t want your food; it’s disgusting. You’re a terrible cook.” Aurora replied bluntly. “So go somewhere else and leave me alone.” Her eyes never left the book she was reading.

“Listen young lady, you are going to school whether you want to or not.” Lady Edwin then took a firm hold of Aurora’s hand. “Let’s go.”

“Get your filthy hands off me now.” Aurora still never turned to face the woman.

“How dare you! Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

Aurora turned to glare at the woman; her eyes glowed a dark purple. Lady Edwin released Aurora’s hand in surprise; only moments after doing so something inside her exploded. She collapsed, dead..  At that moment a maid was entering the room. She screamed in horror as Lady Edwin’s limp body greeted her. She stared at Aurora with wide eyes for a moment before running to tell the king.

Aurora simply ignored the corpse and went back to reading; as if she had not just killed a woman with one look.

After hearing about the incident, the king thought he should take action immediately, but the queen refused to believe that her little girl could do such a thing. After sorrowfully burying lady Edwin , days went by without any incident until suddenly everything started going wrong. There were several more deaths and soon rumors – which were true – spread that the princess was possessed by evil. Many servants tried to quit but were too afraid of Aurora.

“Your majesty, something must be done about this…too many people have died!” The royal advisory pleaded with the king.

“Nothing will be done. These are just rumors.” The queen refused to let anyone tell her that her daughter was evil. “Aurora is a nice child…look she’s playing with some cute little woodland creatures.”

The people present turned to look outside at Aurora kneeling among some squirrels, with a few birds resting on her shoulder. Aurora whistled a loud tune and then pointed to the gardener picking some fruit; immediately the birds flew toward the man and began attacking him. The man lost his balance and fell; the squirrels then turned toward the man. The gardener looked at the black eyed squirrels with foaming mouths as they approached him slowly. A scream erupted from the poor man as he was being attacked by the squirrels. Aurora whistled once more and the squirrels backed off, leaving the gardener severely wounded and bleeding. Aurora walked over to the tree – casually stepping over the bleeding man – and held out her hand under the tree, an apple floated gently into her hands. Aurora took the apple and walked off.

The queen remained silent after witnessing the events and simply walked away.


It was soon decided that the queen was in denial of all that was happening and actions had to be taken. The queen was sent away to her sister’s home in a nearby kingdom. Some of the strongest warriors and wizards of the kingdom were called to decide what to do.

“I believe that her power comes with her sight. If we can blind her then she will be powerless.” Eyrah, the first wizard, suggested. The other wizards nodded in agreement. “We must attack her when she is not watching us…when she’s asleep perhaps.”

“Yes. I know of a sleeping spell.” Muggle, the second wizard added.

“Well then, it is decided. Muggle and Eyrah will work on the sleeping spell. “The king said turning to the two wizards. He turned to face the warriors. “Then you all will hold her down in case she wakes.”

“Why am I here majesty?” The palace seamstress asked; confusion evident in her voice.

“You must sew her eyes shut. Eyrah will cast an enchantment to keep her eyes shut forever…then we will bring her to the forbidden castle.”

The king wished everyone good luck and the plan was set in motion.


Aurora was sitting in her room staring out her window at the full moon as a red haired woman gently passed a brush through her hair. After several minutes of silence the woman finally spoke.

“They’re planning on killing you…but they cannot,” – the woman smiled to herself – “thanks to your dear ‘mother’, you’re unstoppable.”

“I know they’re planning on sealing my eyes shut…how will I see, mother?”

“Do not worry, my dear child,” Lydia replied as she put down the hairbrush. “You will fall asleep soon and wake years later…by then you’ll be stronger…you will not need to see.” Aurora turned to face her real mother. “Now eat and drink what they give you, remember to play along, my dear.” She then kissed the child’s forehead before disappearing.

Aurora did as she was told and obediently ate and drank what she was given. As she expected, she soon began to feel sleepy; in minutes she was deep into the world of slumber. While she was asleep the king’s men came to hold her in place while the seamstress sewed her eyes shut. In the dead of night, she was silently carried deep into the forest where she would be locked away in a silent castle for all eternity. To ensure she stayed asleep, three fairies were left to watch over her.

Everyone at the palace cheered when the men returned, elated that they would be safe from the princess’s cruelty forever…


Ten Years Later…

A pale woman suddenly got up from the bed she had been lying on, finally awaking from her sleep. She looked around but only saw darkness. Her felt her facial features and was oddly unsurprised when she felt the stitches which held her eyes shut. She breathed deeply for a moment and soon she could clearly see in her head, all her surroundings. She held out her hand and three little fairies lightly landed in her hand. She reached out for a jar near to her and placed the fairies within it. With a snap of her fingers the woman was soon outside her prison and was standing among a forest of trees. She let out a loud, high pitched whistle; the forest immediately began to stir with life as woodland creatures of every kind, with glowing red eyes, stepped out to meet her. She held out her bandaged arm and a large owl, with wide red eyes, flew to her and perched on her extended arm; its sharp claws drew blood from the lady’s arm but she ignored it.

“Go…tell mother I’m coming.” The owl flew off, screeching as it did so.

The woman began walking – followed by the possessed creatures of the forest – toward the unsuspecting kingdom where she was born, ready to take full control of the kingdom and avenge  those who had tried to kill her.


The End

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