My Imagination

Published: Friday, 01 April 2011 Written by Wynante R. Charles


Great doubt there is

As to whether or not, an On or Off switch is present.

For in every waking hour,

Every unconscious night,

There seems to be a world

Where the pain of the day,

Seems to fade away.


My best friend,

My worst enemy,

Even the strangest of strangers

There is nothing I can hide

From this all powerful force….


The things I’m afraid to say

They stuff I’m scared to do

He. She. It. Knows all sees all

I wonder if it was

Sent directly from the Father above.

For it is imagination that reassures love.


Canst there be any fault

Any error found in thee.

Maybe. Maybe not

In truth, it’s not reality.

It’s not the truth,

Ignorance is bliss

But I prefer it than a poisonous kiss


The only one I really have

The one who knows the other side of me

If they knew the desires that we hold,

Jealousy, envy and vengeance they would attire

Bounded by the strong bonds of twin wires


Words cannot express the solace

That comes with the package.

A bond that will last till the heavenly palace.

I would cry for it.

Because when the sun goes down.

It’s still left around.

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