Published: Friday, 01 April 2011 Written by Nicole Etienne

The age old question. what is love?
Isn’t it the greatest gift from the holy one above
Is it pure and white like a newborn dove?

Does it cuddle you up like a hand in a glove?
What is love? A simple but hard question
What is love? I have a suggestion -

Love is peace and love is hope
Love is the referee that gets you off the ropes
Love is a beach of water and sand
Love is the backup to all other plans
Love is unknown to those who hate
Love is the key that gets you into the gate
Love is the sugar that is in candy
Love is a tool that will always come in handy
Love is a leaf on the tree
Love is the wedding ring and him on one knee
Love is solid like a table
Love is not a myth love is not a fable
Love is true and love is real
You’ll know when you find it by the way you feel

Love is great. It’ll never disappoint you even if it comes late.
L-O-V-E will make you drop you to your knees
Love is the key that opens the door
Love is the thing that you want more and more
Love is the only thing that you live for

Love is finally what God Endured for us

On that cross.

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