A Trio of Poems

Published: Wednesday, 16 March 2011 Written by Sternelle Sabroche

It’s Time to Rise

Rise my people rise

There’s no time to fantasize

It’s time we realize

We’ve got to work no matter the mountain’s size.

What’s with the tears of worthless cries?

We’ve got to work and sweat,

Make no one a threat.

It’s time we sharpen our eye-sight

It’s time to fight,

Fight for what is right!



Are You The Devil’s Fool?

Are you the one who lies?

Are you the one who hurts your friends?

Or at least tries?

Are you the one who gossips?

Are you the one who screams and curses?

Are you the one who gives no water to the one who thirsts?

Are you the one they call the Devil’s fool?

You must be

‘Cause everyone can clearly see

You curse and lie

You can even watch your neighbour die.

So why should we cry when you fall?

This is your call

You should have thought about being a better fool for God.




What’s my name?

They call me Pain

I worked my way up to the hall of fame

You may play a bad game but I play the worst game

So bad you’ve gotta go insane

Can’t catch me when I’m rattling up that chain

I can’t go lame

Always gonna be the same

Never gonna put myself to shame!

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