The Single Jingle

Published: Wednesday, 23 February 2011 Written by Bernelle Titre

"I'm going to be late for my date!"
Said, I, the big-mouth, bratty, Mary-Kate.
"My make-up's all over my face
And my purse is gone without a trace.
Oh, where's the cleaner with my dress?
I cannot deal with all this stress!
My shoe has got a broken heel.
I can't express the way I feel!
The phone is ringing off the hook.
There's no time to hire a cook.
How can I worry about food right now?
Well, I'll just have to kill the cow.

My date is here.
It's half-past nine!
I couldn't get it done in time,
So all we have is bread and wine.

After all the chaos, I received my dress,
Though it was dirty and stained with watercress.
Finally, I took a make-up class,
But broke the looking glass.
At last I fixed the broken heel,
And it's reinforced with a piece of steel.
Hired now is a cook,
With the cow still standing by the brook.

I've given up dating, Oh God, at last,
And now it's all just in my past.
Glad am I that I am single,
And this marks the end of my
'Single Jingle'."

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