Ode to Death

Published: Saturday, 19 February 2011 Written by Tia Watty

My dream, my hope, my one wish, my greatest desire,
is to leave this life,
to be free of the pain,
to be rid of the stressful situations,
my heart yearns,
Come to me I beg you,
you take away the grief,
you solve all problems,
you take all the agony away,
so peaceful,
an everlasting sleep,
you eradicate the curse of 'life'
You banish all fears,
for there will be nothing to fear when I am gone,
no more tears,
no more insanity,
please make me lie peacefully,
Come to me,
set my tortured, tormented spirit free,
a lifeless body I wish to be,
let me sleep for all eternity,
Please come to me.

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