Forever and Always

Published: Saturday, 19 February 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

She blinks back tears, Is she really so wrong?
Is the world really so harsh? Must she really change?
Her heart is in the right place, her soul even more so
She tries and she tries and yet, Never enough
Feelings of despondency consume her, she’s felt them all before
Crushing defeat, and disappointment
Incompetence, a crushing fear
Will someone, somewhere lend an ear?
Hoping for love, struggling to escape hate
Trapped in a web of supposed failure
Anguish, agony...
What’s this? Comfort?
Warmth, an embrace, holding tenderly
Care. This is what it feels like?
Her tears are dried, a kiss
Her Father keeps her safe
I love you, he says
Forever and Always
The world is a better place because of people like her
Make her world a better place, be a people like Him.

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