BLOOD LUST-fanfiction

Published: Thursday, 10 February 2011 Written by Bernelle Titre


I studied my midnight meal as my bike screeched to distinct halt, in the parking lot of a restaurant just bordering the forest. His profile was so enticing in the silvery glow of moonlight. Slowly, I dismounted my bright yellow Ducati motorcycle with a deliberate sexual allure. He was surrounded by three friends, and they along with everyone on the parking lot stared at her. The females glared with envy, the males with unbridled lust. Ah, the teenage mind. I took off my dark helmet and shook my long black hair free sending locks cascading down my back, a few dyed silver tendrils framing my heart- shaped face perfectly. My almond brown eyes narrowed and scanned the area. I could hear all the conversations, far and near. Apparently there was a party tonight and the pretty little blonde in the blue shirt planned on catching her boyfriend in the act. This was so high school. Helmet in my leather encased hand; I walked toward the restaurant, heavy biker boots thudding on the pavement. As I passed the group of boys, I learnt that my meal was named Brian. I licked my lips involuntarily and swayed my hips; it had been a long time since I’d had a human’s potent blood―too long.

I sauntered to a booth near the window and stalked my prey from there. I listened intently to their conversation while waving a waitress away, though she seemed intent on taking my order. Irritation flashed across my face to match that of annoyance on hers. I sighed. “Sit down,” I commanded and clasped my hands on the table as she did so. I studied her intently; her nose piercing and her short blonde hair told me she had an attitude―not a problem for me.

“I…just want to…take y-your order,” she stuttered a frightened look clouding her pretty face, her emerald green eyes watering.

“I know what you want!” I spat, smoothing my hair with one hand, willing patience upon myself. “You will not return to this table to bother me. Do you understand?” I asked, my stare burning into hers, as I compelled her expertly.

“Yes.” Her eyes were now vacant as she stiffly rose and resumed her duty.

A pudgy waitress behind the counter eyed me curiously and I gave her a placid smile and turned away.

Great! Brian and his gang had disappeared. I listened. They were talking to a group of overly-perky teenage girls. I got up and left the restaurant, walking toward where he was engrossed in a lively chat. I tapped him gently on the shoulder. He turned to face me and immediately, I was captivated by his gleaming blue eyes and lopsided smile. I whispered in his ear while his friends all exchanged knowing glances and smirks, while the females examined me thoroughly. He grasped my hand and we headed into the woods. We arrived at a clearing―which I had prepared previously―he rubbed a hand to the back of his neck and I closed the distance between us, my thirst undeniable. I could hear his heart beating, a faint teasing thud, magnified to my senses. Venom churned in my mouth. I kissed him with breathtaking, intoxicating passion. I couldn’t wait any longer; he was delectable. I parted my bee-stung lips to reveal my fangs which glistened in the moonlight. I gave a low growl as a flood of expression came upon his features. He seemed to settle for amusement.

“What kind of show is this?” he asked half laughing, though his voice became harsher with every word. “I can’t believe this. I’m going back.” He turned on his heel and began the trek back to the lot.

I growled fiercely; I love a hunt. I gave a little leap and landed with agile grace onto the branch of an oak tree, several feet off the ground and watched him stalk of, frowning. He was so attractive, so…delicious. I jumped to the ground purposely causing a little ripple in the earth. I began to chase him. He really didn’t know how deep into the woods I had led him; I was thirsty, not stupid. I ran after him, knowing that I would be a blur to any passer-by. Catching up to him in the blink of an eye, I grabbed him with ease and twisted his neck to the side, covering his mouth while I did so. I then did what I had yearned to do for months now; I sank my fangs into his neck, my teeth piercing flesh, then sensitive blood vessels. It had been so long! I fed greedily, longing to quench my insatiable thirst; I had almost drained him, when I felt a sharp pang of pain in my torso, just missing my still heart by an inch. I looked down to see a bullet wound. I snarled and did a back-flip, sensing my assailant’s position and grabbing them by the collar― an easy kill. I spun them round to face me so that I could deliver the fatal blow and gasped. “Angelus…”

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