Eager Lover

Published: Saturday, 05 February 2011 Written by Brianna Benjamin
My Character,woudst thou ask,
is one of...
A kind.

OF Crazyness, Randomness
I am unique.
Don't you think?

Now my sweetest, dearest love,I know you are...
How shall I speak of it?
Particular, If you may.
Permit me to speak on you, my sweet.

Wonderfully endowed, gifted in speech
For you know how to make a man feel...
Conspicuous, if you wish.

Don't look so shocked, my lovely rose.
Oh, you have such a bulbous nose!
No!! No!! It's a compliment, sweetest daffodil,
Bulbous noses are the fashion now!
It fits your full body so well!

You're crying now!
Oh dear, what have I done?
I suppose it's tears of joy.

No, no my dear
Don't try to talk
Just revel in the compliments
I lavish upon you.

So, my sweet Charlomine
As you have seen
I am a man of many words
Don't you feel special now?

I can be so much more to you
Shall we set a date for a date?

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