Lament of a Repressed Spirit (Bring me to life)

Published: Saturday, 05 February 2011 Written by Brianna Benjamin
You succeeded in killing yourself.
Your true essence.
This is I.

But Why?
Why this course of action?
Your backward mentality?

The World would have appreciated more,
Your true self.

But, you decided to snuff me out.
And conform to society's unchanging mindset.
I am repressed.
I long to be free.
Show the world
Your true beauty.

Now, you have made yourself common.
You are no longer special
You are like everyone
I could have made you unique.

Tell me.
Do you really rather
Blend with the crowd?
All the same?
No one different?

You still have a chance
The world needs a mind like yours
And a spirit like mine.
Don't let me die altogether.

I beg of you.
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