A Book

Published: Thursday, 03 February 2011 Written by Siobhan M. Pascal

A book is a passage way,an escape from reality

When the words are read and the pages turned

it comes alive, sentences leap off the page

Mystery surrounds us, adventure pulls us in

the drama locks us there


A book is a new world, where the imagination rules

Where a new form of life takes place

it is far more than black and white print

Every word shines a colour far greater than we could ever see

Reality left behind us and only fantasy takes place


A book which is called "boring and silly" is a book wasted on fools who can never see it

The magic in each word, the vibrance in every page

The doorway to place made perfect by the imagination


A book is the only object that while saying the same words to all hold different meaning, a different vision, a different sound to each and everyone of us

A Book is Magic

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