I thought I wanted Success

Published: Thursday, 20 January 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

I thought I wanted success

I thought I had sacrificed enough

I thought the sleepless nights would pay off

I thought it was the food I ate

The very dreams I dreamt

I thought that if I went to bed late

I’d not have to do it later

I thought if I worked hard enough

Eventually the work would run out

If I studied hard enough

If I focused hard enough

If I toiled long enough

I would get there

I knew I would

I think I’m here

I COULD believe

I think I should

So I look back and wonder

Was it worth it?

Am I where I wanted to be?

I am, but at what cost?

I’m tired

I’m feeling sick

There’s still more work to do

But in the end I came out on top.

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