Fast Forward

Published: Thursday, 20 January 2011 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

When I look forward

I see a world I don’t understand

A world I don’t know

A world I never hope to live in

A world I wish my children wouldn’t have to face

A world whose future was destroyed by the human race

Nothing is natural, everything’s wrong

No one knows anything

Not even right from wrong

All the young ones going around

Thinking they’re so smart

When really deep inside, they have empty hearts

Where are the animals I used to know?

Where are the peaceful wonders?

Where the regard for neighbors, granted, it had started fading in my time?

Where are all the books and CD’s and paper maps?

It seems the world only knows Smartphone Apps.

When I look forward, I see a tomorrow that will crash into yesterday

A world that should start from scratch

So I’ll live in the present

What my children will call the past.

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