Charmed Academy

Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Danila Paul

Chapter One: When We First Met

A little boy sat on a yellow swing, pushing himself back and forth. He sighed to himself as he looked around the playground. All the other kids in the playground were keeping their distance from him. The reason for this was because strange things usually happened around the brown- haired boy.

“Hey Adams,” a group of three older boys were walking towards him. They were in the same class but he was two years younger than they were. “You’re in our spot.”

“Your name isn’t on it.” Jake said defending himself. He eyed the eldest boy, who scowled angrily. The boys ganged up on him. “I’m not afraid of you guys.”

“Well you should be,” the shortest guy said. His name was Greg and he was the smartest of the group. “Now get lost or we make you.” Jake stood still. “Are you deaf or something? Beat it!”

“No,” Jake said getting angry. “You guys bully everyone in the playground but I won’t let you bully me.” The ground beneath them began to shake.

“What’s happening?” Richey, the dumbest of the group, asked surprised.

“Leave me alone!” Jake demanded as the ground began to shake more fiercely.

“Come on guys let’s get away from this weirdo.” The leader said as they began to retreat. He turned and glared at Jake. “You’re a freak! You hear me? A freak!”

Sadness filled Jake’s dark green eyes as the small earthquake stopped. “They always think that.” He sat back on the swing. “Maybe I am a freak.” He said as he stared up at the cloudless, sunny sky as he began to swing back and forth slowly.

“I don’t think you’re a freak.” A voice said from behind. Jake, startled, fell forward on the swing. He looked up and saw a beautiful brown skinned girl. “I’m sorry, did I scare you?”

“Uh…no I did that on purpose,” Jake said blushing slightly. The girl giggled as he blushed more. “Well maybe a little. But you can’t blame me! You came out of nowhere!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” the girl said as she walked over to him. Her mahogany brown eyes were lit up with laughter. She held out her hand to him. “I’m Nicole. My full name is Nicole J. Anderson. What’s your name?”

Jake gratefully accepted her hand and pulled himself up. “My name is Jake. My full name is Jake Adams. Nice to meet you. So why did you just say that?” Nicole gave him a confused look. ‘You said you don’t think I’m a freak.” Nicole casually took a seat on the swing beside him.

“Well I was nearby,” she began as she kicked her feet on the ground, causing her to be pushed backward, “and I heard you say that you think you’re a freak. I don’t think so.” A smile could be seen in Jake’s eyes. He took a seat on the swing he was previously on. “So the earthquake was caused by you, right?”

“W-why would you say that?” Jake asked a bit surprised. “It might have been a coincidence.” Nicole gave him a disbelieving look.

“The earth reacted to your emotions, so it’s obvious that you caused it.” Nicole replied pushing herself. She stopped the swing and looked at Jake’s worried face. “Your powers are amazing.” He looked at the ground and mumbled something. “I have powers too. You want to see?”

Jake’s head shot up. “Yeah I would love too.” Nicole stood up. “What are you going to do?”

Nicole pointed her slender fingers to the swing she was on. “Keep your eyes on the swing. I’m going to make it move. Her hands glowed sky blue and so did the swing. It began to move back and forth slowly. “Now faster.” The swing began to move faster. It suddenly went out of control and hit Nicole in the head. “Ow.”

Jake jumped out of his seat. “Are you okay?”Nicole nodded. He moved closer and examined her forehead. Their faces were so closed their faces almost touched. Jake noticed this as he stared into Nicole’s eyes. “It looks fine,” he said quickly backing away, his face red. “But you have a slight scratch on your head. I have a first aid kit in my desk. Want me to go get it?”

“Y-yes,” Nicole said blushing too. Jake started in the direction of the school building. “Wait, I’ll come with you.” Jake nodded and mumbled an ‘okay’. “What class are you in?”

“Miss. Kirby’s,” he replied, unconsciously taking hold of Nicole’s hand. “Which one are you in?” Nicole was starring at their hands. “Jake blushed as he let go of their hands. “Sorry.”

“I-it’s ok,” Nicole blushed too. “I’m in Miss. Bridge’s class. Hey, we’re right next door from each other.”

The two kids walked off in the direction of their class happy to have made their first friend since school began.

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