Everywhere is Anywhere as long as you have Somewhere to be.

Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Gail Parillon

“Everywhere is anywhere if you have somewhere to be.” I breathed out slowly taking in the scenery; my senses heighten tenfold, the wind and the breeze tickle as they pass my cheeks leaving me far from a sober state and all seemed too right in the world. A world of war, grief, strife, the deaths of millions occurring every second as we sat upon the soft, enticing green grass; it was funny how both ideas greatly contradicting one another. But all was truly well in my world.


“What?” my friend asked as he lay next to me, he switched his position, laying on his side to give me a full view of the confused and confounded look on his face.


“Everywhere is anywhere if you have somewhere to be.” I stated simply again, breathing in deeply. Life, she could be the sweetest woman one will ever meet and now she was being extremely courteous to me.


“What? ...Sometimes you say the strangest things.” He huffed, and then turned on his stomach, his brow furrowed in resentment.


I sighed, at times he could be so narrow-minded so I repeated it again, “EVERYWHERE is ANYWHERE if you have SOMEHWERE to be…simple.” I made sure I put emphasis where it was required.


“Do you think it will make any more sense if you repeat it?” he turned his back to me now, upset at the vague explanation , he really behaved childish at times when he didn’t understand things…no wonder he failed literature. Instead I kept on embracing the situation I was in, here with one of my closest friends, in my favourite place, on my favourite day…all too perfect.


“Everywhere is really anywhere if you have somewhere to be.” I had to say it again for two reasons: (1) I got an overwhelming urge to do such and (2) I wanted to see how my good ole friend might react.


He grunted, not an angry grunt but a confused, frustrated and incredulous one. I snorted resentfully, he didn’t have to get worked up over this and at times he tried too hard to understand me when I required no explanation. The only reason was I was me and that’s it. But he sees me like a never ending puzzle, never able to find the solution, trying and trying until one went mad and that’s what I did to him throughout the day. I loved it, being different, unreadable, one-of-a-kind…me, was my cup of tea and I drank it full.

I blinked thrice taking in the scenery once more, the open skies, the deep, rustic green fields complementing it perfectly as the wind blew across the way, creating ripples through the sea of green. The large ball of pure white was barely visible from above and the clouds, soft, white and fluffy as new born puppies that ran across the vast expanse of blue, chasing my troubles away. It was perfect, and no one in their right mind would want to ruin such perfection that melted together…perfectly.


I smiled as I heard my dear friend continue to grumble like an old man …


Subconciously, I yawned and my eyelids fell unmercifully shut, transporting me to place more vibrant and exciting than the one I had left behind but as soon as I came, my passport vanished and I was literally thrust from this land, an unwanted stranger…so much for everywhere being anywhere as long as you have somewhere to be…


My eyes snapped open, I let out a long lengthy groan and as soon as my dark brown orbs focused I was staring back into a pair of lighter brown eyes, I blinked before harshly asking, “What?”


A faint line of pink coloured his cheeks before he stood straight up staring down at me. I raised an eyebrow incredulously, waiting in silent tension at what he was about to say.


“Everywhere is anywhere as long as you have somewhere to be.” He cracked a wide and unsual grin.


“Ex…Excuse me?” I asked sitting straight up looking into his gleeful face trying to trace something that I didn’t see. All I saw was a face full of realization. By Jove! I think he just solved the puzzle.


“Everywhere is anywhere as long as you have somewhere to be.” I repeated, mirroring his expression.


“Everywhere is anywhere as long as you have somewhere to be.” He said and spun around, arms outstretched. At this point I think he realized that life is to be enjoyed, praised, lived and never disregarded, resented or forgotten. Sometimes I believe at one point we all forget this ourselves, that’s why it’s good to keep reminding yourself before you lose the true essence of life.


In one fluid motion we both screamed out “EVERYWHERE IS ANYWHERE AS LONG AS YOU HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE!” And with that we collapsed into a pile of giggles onto the grassy field once more and after recovering, we assumed our original positions: Me on my back, arms propped up beneath my head and Mr. Giggles laying on his side plucking grass up from the ground and watching it float away in the breeze. Life was truly perfect.


“Hey…” his voice finally broke the too-good-to-be-true silence.


“Yep?” I opened one closed eye.


“I think I’ll pass next week’s literature test.” There was some glee apparent in his tone. I responded with a simple encouraging smile.



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