A Writer's true Dilemma

Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Gail Parillon

My pen meets paper

But words don’t form but an overwhelming mountain before me does

At least 300 or 500 feet

So, I climb it, unaware what awaits me above

But I really have no chance as I dive head first into the abyss

Battling a furious, merciless, beast

Fright and excitement fill me, brim

But only terror once more as I get swallowed whole

I awake surrounded by not beasts, not spiders, it is never anything good

But an army of ninja’s wielding nun chucks and bow staffs as I face them on

Legion after Legion, charge for the kill

I dodge, chuck and kick and down they go

Triumph forever printed on my face, my large unnatural ego

A large vortex gobbles me again, aimlessly in space I roam

The apocalypse, Armageddon, 2012 is upon us

Unlike any I would have imagined

Humans against extra terrestrials for the rights of the planet earth

Their lasers, bullets and other inhumane and in-alien machinery fire back and forth

I watch in amazement but I feel my air ways tighten and I gasp frantically

And with a startling scream

I awaken, just as much alive and breathing as before

I ponder on all that had happened; it felt so much like reality

Then inspiration strikes a chord viciously against my skull

My eyes trail to where I had left off

My pen still on paper, anticipating this special chance

My mind temporarily freed of its prior worry,

And now I can finally begin my story…

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