Comfort in Work

Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Alex-Maree Roberts

A writer is safe in her work

With the world after her

Her word can be for her

While her family and friends

Together forsake her

Though she hates herself

Her work can give her closure


An artist is safe in her art

She needs no smiles

To paint joy

She needs no comfort

To draw comforting things

Though her stomach is clenched, in silent agony

She can create beautiful works


A musician is safe in her songs

She needs no hugs


Without a dry eye; a wet one instead

She can write a melody to give life to the soul

Though her life, a living hell, and no one on her side

She can make a tune to touch the heart, and lift it to new, happier heights

In almost any work

A woman does

Comforts she will find

Though she says “See my miserable life”

And her head always worry filled

If she works with Jesus Christ

Her prayerful wish for peace is fulfilled.

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