Published: Monday, 27 December 2010 Written by Gail Parillon


The sixth day had met its creation

Meeting no praise or celebration

For God looked over the world, a sad smile upon his features

The perfect world he had created of all different creatures

Not in the least bit fully satisfied

At what he first had desired

But as he watched the animals great and small

Roam across the great new world, he felt his heart fall

But He was the creator, master of all

Whatever could have been his strife?

He was capable of molding, and forming new life

He had the power any man would have wished to acquire

But that was it; creating man was his new desire

Something that will look and care

For all the beasts present here

And would have power over the flora,

Then flourish the land and fill it bountiful

And beautify God’s brand new world

Man had to be a true reflection of him

For children must resemble their father it seems

God finally had his master plan

To develop the earth and better this already perfect land

He had finally created the plan for man…but

What was he to use to sculpt such a masterpiece

Something that was presentable in the least

Something that would make man humble and tame

Man would control the beasts but still be a lesser of them

A smile finally came to God’s face when

He whipped up the dust from upon the ground

And finally, FINALLY God created the first human.

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