The Dancer

Published: Wednesday, 15 December 2010 Written by Jamila S Pascal

An excerpt from the original story 'Mystic Requiem''


'There she danced, illuminated by the moonlight, face glistening. She appeared less and less human with every step she took, her fluidity making her look like an angel, or a bird, free as the wind. The jewels on her body dazzled immensely, and the larger jewelry made rhythmic sound.

'She didn't know that I was watching. In the moments that followed, I realized that I was watching, and intensively at that. I could not help it.

'She neared a pool where a magnificent waterfall rained over the surrounding trees. I suddenly found myself in a haze, the only thing in focus being her. Even nature's sounds were blocked out, allowing me to hear every clash of jewelry...every single step she took.

'I stirred, still focused on her. Her gracefulness enchanted me...her inhuman luminosity lured me.

'It suddenly hit me that I was standing now and that I had drifted to her, inches away from touching her with my outstretched hands. Alas, I could not, for even with my presence, she kept on dancing. Such a thrilling sensation I felt as she twirled and her hair grazed past my skin. How soft it was.
I could see her face clearly now and saw that she was smiling, eyes closed.

'I stared in spite of the color of my face. Her lips, a bright red, shone. Her skin glowed. How beautiful...

'Suddenly, I found myself touching a still figure in front me. Had she stopped moving? Or had my world frozen?
"Dance with me..."
The words struck me like lightning and I mysteriously began to dance, of my own will, to an unheard rhythm. I felt all my problems melt away. And slowly, I came to the realization that I was crying, laughing...spinning at the same time.
Though I could not tell whether I was conscious or not, I knew she was watching.
Her gaze, like the heat of a thousand suns, burnt off every layer that I had tried to hide for the past years of my life. And though she spoke no more, everything she said was heard.

'All I felt like doing was dancing...revealing myself more and more to nature and connecting with its heart...moving to the beat of an unheard rhythm.

'But as abruptly as I started, I stopped, and I saw that she had disappeared.
Perhaps she was inhuman... or perhaps my sense of time had failed after being stunned, trapped even, by a stranger.

'Now, I stared down. A seemingly endless river of my fears had replaced the pool of water. The waterfall captured my emotions.
I closed my eyes tightly.
And I opened my eyes quickly.
And it was back again.

'The water surface sparkled under the moonlight. A cold wind whistled through tall trees and whipped the water into a rippled frenzy.

'And there, before me once again, was the dancer.'

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