Baby Droplet

Published: Tuesday, 09 November 2010 Written by Nakisa T.F.O. Severin

Baby Droplet

The shower was on as it should and could

The droplets from Droplettopia

Jumped off from the shower

To the shower flow

Because they could,



Be in the mood.

Everyone jumped, down ...

Only screaming when they got to the ground!

Everyone, except Baby Droplet of course,

Who only dropped down with Mummy Droplet

When the shower is off as it should

And could.

“Baby Droplet,” said Mummy Droplet,

“jump down like the others who should


And would!”

“No I can’t,


And I’m not in the mood!” said Baby Droplet.

“I may fall on my head,

And drop dead!”

snapped Baby Droplet who was being a little rude.

“Drop with me, and you will be safe.” Mummy Droplet said.

They jumped together as one

Facing down with their heads

Not knowing what’s ahead!

They jumped as they should,



and were now in the mood.

Telling what happened would be rude,

Let me just say it was neither bad

nor good!

By: Nakisa T.F.O. Severin

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