The Companion and The Image

Published: Tuesday, 09 November 2010 Written by Jamila Pascal


Like rosebuds, waiting to bloom
Waiting to feel the first drops of morning dew
Upon their full petals, and to sway in delight
As they bask in the sweet gentle morning light

Like newborn angels, pure at heart
Waiting to see the King of Ages
And to feel His gaze, soft against their virgin wings
As He carries them in His arms and sings

O’ a marvelous song, its tune carrying across the heavens
To the earth beneath, as a blessing from the Maker
Who perfectly designed life, fragile yet precious
And perfectly intertwined shades of all colors

Who lowered his hand to the dirt, nothing before Him
And subtly carved His image from nothing
Who breathed His song into His beloved image
And saw His image rise from nothingness to beauty.

O’ a wonderful King of Ages, who formed a lifelong companion
Who gracefully curved a wonder, so gallant and beautiful
That He smiled and rested, and marveled, content
O’ mighty He is! His gaze ne’er faltered.

O’ Perfect was His creation, every life singing a song
In harmony to His own, soothing yet strong
Where Lions lay down, and sheltered the Lambs
Where no diseases could be found, and eternal life proclaimed

Until companion ate, and gave Image a taste
Of right and wrong, of knowledge, of truth
And both stood bare, confused and terrified
Wrapping ‘round their bodies was the Cloak of Death

He still sings a blessing, but His tears are like rain
Upon the earth, touching some, galling many
Feeding His creations, the ones who still worship Him
Singing their song in harmony to His own.

Yet his love remains, and He breathes upon the earth
Pleased with those that keep themselves for Him.
Laughing with those who find joy in Him
Rejoicing when another comes to Him with teary eyes, a desire in heart.

Like a fruit, picked before its due time
Waiting to ripen gracefully, by the touch of His hand

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