A Fishy Tale

Published: Monday, 11 October 2010 Written by Zoie Timothy

The sun crept over the horizon, as the wind blew through his thick, golden, glossy mane. He let out a loud triumphant roar that echoed through the island. He was a big, beautiful, golden -brown lion named Benjamin. He was well provided for and loved to bully the smaller animals. Every morning when he woke up there was a fresh pile of meat for him to eat, he lived in a warm cave near a cliff with a beautiful view and Benjamin had everything a lion needed. He bullied the monkeys by stealing their fruits even though he didn’t eat them. Benjamin also cavorted around when lizards were near to frighten them and scare away the insects they ate. He loved to shake the trees and frighten the birds as well.

One day Benjamin wandered onto a cliff overlooking the sea. He happened to see a school of brightly coloured fish swimming just bellow. He looked down and though, it’s so easy to be a fish! There is food everywhere and it probably tastes better. They can travel forever! All I have is this tiny island. Most of all they live with so many other fish! I have never seen another lion! Oh how I wish I was a fish! Benjamin complained. At that moment the island spirit happened to be listening. She decided to grant Benjamin his wish.

The next morning when Benjamin woke up he realized he was in water. Frightened he jumped up, but instead of thrashing paws he wriggled and realized… He was a fish! Happily Benjamin swam to a nearby school of fish hoping to join them, but instead he was sent away. The fish yelled “You are not one of us! Away with you!” Shocked Benjamin drew back.  They swam away and left him all alone. Suddenly a beak crashed into the water and scooped up Benjamin. Frightened and breathless he thrashed trying to wriggle free from the bird’s grasp. Luckily another bird came to try and steal him and he managed to escape in all the commotion.

Benjamin swam as quickly as he could to get away from the area where the birds attacked. Eventually he found another school of fish. This time he was welcomed but the bigger fish often bullied him. Soon Benjamin became hungry but there was no food in sight! When they finally found some food there wasn’t enough for the whole school, so all the females and guppies ate first. When he finally got to the food it was all gone. Benjamin was hungry and tired and he was swimming so slowly he was getting left behind by the school. Benjamin lay down on a mossy rock and sighed.

Suddenly teeth slammed together shattering the rock that Benjamin had been resting on. Wriggling harder than ever je escaped from the jaws of the shark with a ripped fin. Using his last scrap of energy he swam towards a nearby reef to take cover. While trying to catch his breath he turned around and saw the island spirit laughing at him. Benjamin was too defeated to get mad, instead he was embarrassed. When the island spirit finally stopped laughing at him she said “You have learnt your lesson! I will turn you back into a lion as long as you remember, to appreciate what you have and do onto others as you would have them do onto you!” And he did from that day on



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