The Exorcism

Published: Saturday, 09 October 2010 Written by Bernelle Titre

They linked hands in a circle and began to chant. It was oddly comforting to see all my friends here, around my bedside, almost making this whole situation seem normal. There was nothing normal about this. My limbs were fastened to the bed with enough chains to tow a vehicle, I was certain. They had been chanting foreign words for minutes now with no immediate effect on me. I was beginning to think this was hopeless.

Subsequently, a gust of wind raided the room and a powerful force ripped through me and made me arch upwards violently. I heard them gasp and stumble backwards. What was going on? I rocked viciously as pain tore through my body and the anonymous force chilled me to the bone. Images of the past few weeks flashed in my mind like vivid photographs. Me and Nick, together, just doing everyday activities, which seemed like a distant memory now. I don’t want to see this! I thought as figures flashed by. I tried closing my eyes but they were involuntarily and painfully pried open. I saw Nick, walking home from school. This was new; I had not seen this before. Then, there was a strong breeze and he brushed his hair from his face and continued walking. I noticed that shadows were following him silently. He was uneasy and instantly suspicious. He started jogging and the shadows reached out to grab his ankles. “No!” I screamed out, kicking and shouting relentlessly. He yelled too and our sounds of terror mingled and for that fleeting moment, I felt that he was alive and we locked eyes; his green eyes mirroring the terror in my ordinary brown ones were now magnified to an incredible size. “Please!” I begged for something that I knew was going to happen anyway―had happened already. Nick was engulfed in the dense darkness and I watched helplessly as he resisted and I struggled desperately to free myself. In a matter of seconds, he was face-down on the pavement, lying limp and lifeless. Dead.

I opened my mouth to shriek, but no sound came out. I became suddenly aware that tears where streaming down my cheeks and reached up to wipe them away, only to be restrained by the chains that still held me. The images faded away and my haggard breathing became steadier. I could still hear the faint sounds of my friends chanting in the background. They had not given up! I could fight this power, I knew I could.

You can’t resist me, you silly girl! You have seen what I did to your friend. It was your fault. I asked you kindly to bring your friends to me, no charge and I would give you your heart’s desire. But you refused! Stupid mortal!

“You will not control me! You will not get what you want from me, and if you hurt my friends I will knock you back to the underworld―personally!” I threatened, determined not to let this thing see how afraid I was. I would defeat it. Before I had the chance to do so, however, it vanished, leaving without a trace! I snapped out of what seemed like a daze and made out the faces before me. Lavender was unlocking the chains which bound me. Now unbound I massaged my wrists and swiped at a trickle of blood running from the corner of my mouth and listened to their story. They claimed that they had finished the chant, which explained why the spirit left so abruptly. I could not shake the feeling that this was not the end.

You won’t be rid of me so easily, my dear mortal. I’ll be back soon…

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